Centre for Entrepreneurship, Industry and Community Network (CEICnet) was established by Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) towards restructuring the university administration in line with the UniMAP 2025 Strategy effective April 15, 2020. CEICnet consists of several centres or units to coordinate in order to be achieving its goals and objectives. The centres listed under CEICnet are Assistant Vice Chancellor’s office (Entrepreneurship and Financial Sustainability), Centre for Industry and Government Cooperation (CIGC) and the Royal Institution Studies and Community (IKRK). CEICnet is leaded by Director to look at three (3) key divisions assigned with the assistance of 3 Divisional Head of Departments.

Through the establishment of the UniMAP CEICnet, three (3) divisions were created to strengthen the centre administrative operations in order to meet the targets set by the Ministry of Higher Education and UniMAP. The centres operating under CEICnet UniMAP are:

  1. Industrial Collaboration and Government Agencies
  2. Royal Institution Studies and Community
  3. Career and Entrepreneurship

Industrial Collaboration and Government Agencies

Industrial Collaboration and Government Agencies Centre (CIGC) focuses on:

  1. Boosting activities involving the CEO @ Faculty program at UniMAP
  2. Strengthen the Memorandum of Understanding and Memorandum of Agreement between industry and UniMAP
  3. Increase UniMAP's networking relationships with industry and government agencies

As to date, 4 staffs have been assigned to carry out the operations of the division:

1 Division Head

2 Assistant Registrars

1 Administrative Assistant (Clerical / Operation)

Royal Institution Studies and Community

This centre was formerly known as the Institute of Royal Institutions Studies, Leadership and Communities (IKRK) and has been rebranded under the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Industry and Community Network (CEICnet) as the Royal Institution Studies and Community Division. This section is entrusted to:

  1. Manage matters relating to Royal Institution
  2. Manage matters related to UniMAP Action Plan 2025
  3. Manage, coordinate and monitor UniMAP Social Responsibilities programs /activities, SULAM etc.
  4. Co-ordinates relationships with corporate and community sponsors

To enhance the administration of this division, it is comprised of:

1 Division Head

1 Senior Assistant Registrar

1 Administrative Officer

1 Senior Administrative Assistant (Clerical / Operation)

1 Administrative Assistant (Clerical / Operation)

Career and Entrepreneurship Division

This division is a combination of career options under Centre for Industry and Government Collaboration (CIGC) and entrepreneurship under Assistant Vice Chancellor Office (Entrepreneurship and Financial Sustainability). As a result, the Career and Entrepreneurship Division is formed as:

  1. Planning and accelerating Graduate Employability and Graduate Entrepreneurs activities
  2. Designing and operating the Northern Industrial Career and Entrepreneurship Engagement
  3. Developing Industrial Training System (InTra), Career Development Information System, E-Portfolio and MoU Application System
  4. Conduct student entrepreneurship development program to ensure that students or HEIs graduate enter the field of entrepreneurship after graduation and who are actively engaged in entrepreneurial and business activities during their studies.
  5. Coordinate programs / courses with faculty or entrepreneurial mentors

 In order to carry out the function of this section, it is leaded by:

1 Division Chief

2 Senior Assistant Registrars

2 Administrative Assistants (Clerical / Operation)

1 Operation Assistant