CEO Faculty

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- It is a Program under the HEAD to enable industry CEOs to participate in various programs at the university through the appointment of KPT.

- Each university is given some quota and the latest UniMAP has 3 CEOs appointed.

- Among the programs are a few hours of lecture sharing and face-to-face discussions with lecturers and university management.

- Targets for 2021 are subject to KPT quota

- The CEO @ Faculty program involves Intel Vice President Lynn Olson with the PPK Computer Liaison Computer and Microelectronics

- He has been involved in 18 hours of interaction with students and staff of UniMAP

AIXCHANGE Staff Staff:
- is a transportation program offered by the KPT in collaboration with selected industries.

- Each university will be given a quota of several places. Meanwhile, elections will be made at the university and KPT levels.

- Currently, there are 4 UniMAP lecturers selected to join the AIXChange Program in January 2020.

- The target is based on KPT quota. But the target of the Registry Department is 7 people by 2021.